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# Service Price Features
1 Dust cleaning and paste replacement $60.50 System paneling is removed and all dust is removed from system case fans and CPU fan,once cleaned the CPU fan is removed exposing the heat sink paste, this is cleaned and replaced as it can deteriorate  over time. All entrances and  exits are checked for ease of air flow as cooling is very important,paneling is replaced and the system is checked for operation.
2 Standard computer diagnostics $60.50 All hard drives are checked for sector errors which is an indication that the hard drive is failing.All software is updated and then the system is checked for viruses and the fans are checked for operation.
3 Virus scan and antivirus installation
(Trend Micro Internet Security 12 Month)
$180 We use and highly recommend Trend Micro products. For $49.95 you can have 3 different systems covered for 12 months which is great value for money.

Removing Viruses can be tricky and time consuming,when we look through the infected system it’s not uncommon to use up-to 5 different programs searching for that 1 file or .exe extension that is causing the issue.

4 Data recovery $121 Data Recovery is possible if it is caught quickly, All data recovered will be transferred to either a new HDD or SSD or an external of your choice.

Unable to work because of computer problems? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get your pc running again. Most issues arise from windows not being up to date or even drivers. At IT-Synergy we update all your Software including Windows and offer advice as to any Hardware that could be potentially slowing your system down.